Truck Body Boxes

Yenkar Torunlar Group of Companies’ most established production branch, Commercial Vehicle Superstructure Production, has been continuing since 1977. For more than 20 years, we have been working together with the mastery of our teammates, combined with the vision of our young and dynamic engineers, and we attach importance to innovation.

We determine our quality policies based on international sectoral standards in production steps and quality system management.

Our production takes into account of climatic conditions, human factors, highway conditions and government inspections in the regions where they will be used. In commercial vehicle bodywork production, the bodywork instructions of the manufacturer brands are another of the most important issues we take into account in our quality standards.

Beverage Truck Body

Thanks to the hydraulic back cover, it is possible to load with a pallet truck. The base can be flat or sloped (recommended). Gaps will be set according to the customers’ pallet sizes. The roof is optional but it is a sliding roof. Side curtain systems are used Adaico fast curtain system suitable for urban unloading system.

We have completed many record-breaking projects with Turkey’s leading beverage companies. Since the characteristics of the transportation of drinks such as crates/pallets or bottles, customer satisfaction and ease of use are ensured with the most ideal superstructure (base slope, eye gaps, curtain wedge, sliding roof, load fixing points, etc.).