Have Your Advertisements in everywhere your vehicles goes!

You can contact us for help on how your logo and advertising works will look on your commercial vehicle.

– Paint Oven Application

Since 2015, we have been applying baked paint.
537-series corrosion-resistant epoxy primer enriched with anticorrosive pigments used in the commercial vehicle sector and 113-series topcoat paints resistant to sunlight atmospheric conditions used in auto paints are used by DYO industrial paints. The paint process is applied by 2 coats of heated acrylic paint over 2 coats of epoxy primer. Products are baked at 65 degrees at least 2 times during paint application.

• Digital Printing or Serigraphic Printing on the tarpaulin

Logo and advertisement works can be applied to the vehicle canvas as digital printing or silk screen printing (Serigraphic).

Serigraphic printing is suitable for simple art works and logo designs. it is the best printing method since the ink deeply processed into the curtain itself and it is a really long lasting printing method.

• Cabin Coating

Highlight the colors of your company!

We cover the vehicle with air duct foil. All colors are available.

On-vehicle advertising, hood protection, color change.

You can apply your company’s colors and campaigns on vehicles with foil coating process and can be coated in any color you want.

Cast technology that prevents shrinkage.
Easy removability.
Special adhesive for cold weather applications and difficult surfaces.